Last post for EDC3100

So I finished Assignment 3 a few days ago and I am now on four weeks break. I’ve decided I am going to spend a bit of time to start creating my teaching portfolio. I have found a few good resources to advise me on starting a portfolio simply by googling.

I have really enjoyed this course and I don’t want to see this blog go into never never internet land so I have decided I will continue to write posts based on my teaching experiences. My next placement is for EDP3333 in August so I will try and record my experiences on here.

That’s all for now on EDC3100.

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Professional Experience Reflection

I finish my placement on Tuesday and it was a very bittersweet day. I have had the best time on this placement and realized how much I love the younger students. I have organized for my return placement for EDP3333 in semester 2 in Year one at the same school and I am looking forward to going back and seeing the Prep students I just left.

I think the biggest thing I learned on this placement was how to self-reflect on my lessons and overall performance and also take constructive feedback and reflect on it. I used to find it very hard to take on feedback and used to feel like I was being criticized but I have learned how important it is to reflect. I did some further research into reflective teaching and found this web page. On my next placement I am going to take on some of the recommendations from this web page, particularly keeping a reflective diary. I made notes while on this placement but failed to keep a thorough reflective diary due to time restraints.

So now I have flown back to Singapore, unpacked and I have Part B and D to complete of the assignment before the 19th. Wish me luck!

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Mentor visit

On Friday my mentor came to visit, a week late! He had organised to visit the week before and didn’t show up. But all was forgiven when he came with chocolates in hand to apologize for not turning up the week before.

He was lovely and we chatted for about half an hour. He actually showed up when I had to walk the students back from the computer labs to the classroom, so I was a bit nervous!

He gave me some useful tips. He said to research the Art and Science of Teaching (ASOT) thoroughly because Robert Marzano provides some amazing advice for teachers. So I plan to get this book if I can.

He told me to join the master teachers website which is the go to site for professional development.

And lastly he suggested to research Bill Rogers who is an education consultant focusing on behaviour management strategies.

I am finishing up my placement tomorrow and it will be a bittersweet day. I will miss the class and the teachers. But I am looking forward to going back to Singapore to see my husband and getting back into everyday life… including finishing off the assignment for this course.

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Whole day reflection

Well, last Wednesday I taught for the whole day and it went well. However, I felt a little flustered running around preparing and getting everything done and was definitely left exhausted. The relief teacher was very helpful and gave me some very useful feedback. At the very start of the day when I was marking the role some of the students were being a bit disrespectful by answering ‘Good morning Mrs Wood’ (their classroom teacher) instead of my real name. But the relief teacher sternly told them that they were being disrespectful and need to say it properly or their name would be put on yellow. That soon set the tone for them.

The best advice she gave me was to try and use a non-verbal cue to gain student’s attention instead of clapping or shouting over the top of them. After she gave me this advice I did some research and found some very helpful information about non verbal classroom management strategies here and here. On Friday I tried to use placing my hands on my heads to get student’s attention and found it quite successful. Once one or two students catch on the rest follow.

I used to hate getting feedback because I would focus on what I was doing wrong but I’ve come to learn that feedback is what makes you better.

Signing off,


Bring it on!

Tomorrow is my full day of teaching and my mentor is going to be away. Luckily the relief teacher (I’ve met her already) is lovely and helpful. I am ready. I have planned very well… I’ve already booked a massage for the end of the day lol!

I am confident about my teaching and behavior management but there is one boy who throws major tantrums when he doesn’t get his own way and can be a danger to himself and others. So I really hope he has a calm day tomorrow, fingers crossed!

So if I remember I will report back here. I’m loving this placement more than any other I have been on and although teaching may be a hard job, I think I am up to the task.

Signing off,


Week 2 Professional Experience Reflection

Well it is the end of week 2 and while others, like Rebel who is down with a head cold, may be feeling a bit worn out, I am feeling quite good and excited for next week. This has to be the best time I have had on a placement. Although the students in my class have a few challenging behaviours, my mentor and the other teachers have been very helpful and friendly. My behaviour management skills are improving immensely and I have been given many opportunities to take the class for learning experiences, full sessions, and small groups in rotations. I have tried my best to incorporate ICTs into my lessons which has mainly included using the IWB. However, on Friday I used the iPads in rotations and the students loved them. I had them play Edukitty Preschool and Abby’s Monkey. The content in the games related to what they are learning in class so the games helped to reinforce the concepts. I was surprised to see even the most misbehaved student fully engaged in the iPad and truly felt like his behaviour was better on Friday because of his time spent on the iPad. My mentor never brings the iPads into the classroom and after seeing the children so engaged she decided she would like to incorporate the use of them more. Her ICT skills are also a little limited so I showed her a few basics. I am happy I am able to teach her something as she is teaching me so much. She has provided me with great feedback such as:

  • Well planned lessons, relating to learning objectives
  • Good questioning techniques but avoid too many open questions which cause students to yell out- instead say “put your hand up if…”
  • Great implementation of Gradual Release Model- I do, we do, you do.
  • Well aware of when students need a movement break
  • Set rules for transition periods
  • Follow through with warnings.

This weekend will involve catching up on assignment work and planning lessons for next week. I am doing a full day on Wednesday. Wish me luck!

Signing off,


Week 1 Professional Experience Reflection

Well I just finished week one…. kind of. I am doing my placement in Hervey Bay and tomorrow is a public holiday here so therefore I will be making one day of my placement up at the end of the three weeks. So far it has been great. My mentor is lovely and very helpful. In this post I am going to give a brief run down of my class, school and ICTs.

School context: The school is located in Hervey Bay and was established in 1937 and caters to a K-6 population of 560 students. The school places a strong emphasis on Indigenous values to cater to the large number of Indigenous students. The area around the school is classed as low to medium socio economic with a large aging population and many single parent households.

Class context: The prep class is one of three and consists of 19 students aged 5-6, with 12 boys and 7 girls. There are three Indigenous students, one student with a speech impediment, one English as a Second Language [ESL] Indian student who needs very explicit instructions and is often very fidgety, and one student who has behavior issues and throws tantrums when he doesn’t get his own way. Adjustments in lessons need to made particularly for the student with behavior issues and the ESL student.

ICTs in the classroom and school: The classroom has an Interactive Whiteboard (Starboard), two desktop computers and the teacher has 2 iPads for classroom use, all with internet access. The internet can be slow so it takes some time for webpages to load and therefore planning is required so students are not sat for long periods of a time waiting. There are also more iPads available on request stored at the office. The students have basic touch screen skills such as moving objects with their finger or the stylist pen. At times, a pointer is needed for some students to reach the top of the IWB screen.

So that’s my reflection for week 1 and hopefully recording this information will help with Part B of Assignment 3.

Ready for another 2 weeks…. and 1 day 😛

Signing off,