Toolbelt theory and TEST framework

Toolbelt theory implies that everyone needs a range of tools and needs to know how to use these tools in order to survive (Socal, 2008). Socal (2008) insists that teachers must equip students with appropriate “assistive technologies” and teach them how to use them so they can develop skills needed to complete certain tasks.

Studying at university means I come across many tasks which require certain tools to achieve success. But sometimes choosing the correct tool for the task is difficult. Therefore, Socol (2008) recommends using a TEST (Task Environment Skills Tools) framework to help choosing which tool to use easier.

Here I’ll outline how to use the TEST framework with a problem I experience not only in this course but in all my university courses. My problem is that I travel a lot and sometimes am without internet access and therefore cannot view my university course work. Therefore my task is to find an effective tool that will allow me to save webpages for offline reading while I am traveling. My environment would be my Windows laptop and Android phone. Therefore I need a tool that is compatible with both technologies. After a simple Google search I find a program called Pocket which I download on both my laptop and phone.   The skills needed to download Pocket were, for me, basic as I have used similar programs in the past. The program itself is very simple to use and I needn’t learn any extra skills. The Pocket program is an effective,easy to use tool which allows me to save webpages whilst I have internet access which I can then open later to read offline whilst I am without internet access. The TEST framework successfully helped me picked the right tool for the task.

Check out a similar post written by another student, Saranna.

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