Using ICT in pedagogy

Kirschner and Wopereis (2003) explain that there are three big reasons why ICTs are important in education:

1. ICT can help prepare the next generation for the future workplace.

2. ICT can make schools more efficient and productive.

3. ICT can reform and innovate learning and teaching.

These are all very important reasons explaining how critical ICT is for not only enhancing student learning but also enhancing teaching. My aim now is to search for and collect more reasons for why ICT is important in education. In order to do this I have started a page on my blog which I will continue to add useful articles that provide reasons. I am also going to use my Diigo tool to highlight and make notes on reasons I find while browsing. So check out my page and comment if you have any great articles regarding the importance of ICT in education.

Signing off,


Kirschner, P., & Wopereis, I. G. J. H. (2003). Mindtools for teacher communities: a European perspective. Technology, Pedagogy and Education, 12(February 2015), 105-124. doi:10.1080/14759390300200148


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