Making sense of PKM- What is it and how to use it?

I wanted to write a blog post about PKM last week when I was first introduced to it in the Week 1 learning path but I was still grappling to fully understand it. Turns out it is not that hard to understand, I just like to over-complicate things.

PKM stands for Personal Knowledge Management (or Mastery as Harold Jarche uses).

Personal: What do you want to know? (based on your interests and abilities)

Knowledge: Know how to process information in order to act on it.

Management/Mastery: The journey from a learner to skilled in your chosen path and to then share your knowledge.

To become proficient in the process of PKM you should be on a continuous journey of seeking out information, making sense of the information by reflecting and then share your information, experiences, ideas and thoughts in a process known as Seek-Sense-Share.

This PKM process is very important in any line of profession but will become particularly useful in my journey to become a teacher and then continue to be useful when I am a teacher.

This post and this post from other EDC3100 students really helped me understand PKM. As well as David’s video on vimeo. Check them out.

Signing off,



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