Is technology making us anti-social?

So we did this quiz asking if we think technology is making us anti-social. I answered yes I do think it is making us anti-social because this is what I am confronted with when I go out in the world today:

walking whilst on phone
Image: Daily Mail, 2014, retrieved from

And this:

Image: The Compendium, 2014, retrieved from

This clearly shows that we are more focused on our phones then talking to our friends who are right in front of us.

However, after the quiz we were shown this picture:

BuR7i5oIIAAhiSN.jpg large
Image: Retrieved from

So that got me thinking, I thought ‘sure, we have just upgraded our newspapers’. Then I thought well in some respects technology has actually made us more social than ever before with so many social networking sites e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads, Youtube etc. We are now communicating with people across the other side of world that we would never have been able to talk to without technology. So maybe in some respects it is making us even more social… but in other respects like when at dinner or walking with friends then using technology during those times certainly would be making us anti-social.

I did some further research and found some interesting articles on the topic. For example this article discusses children and technology and the negative effect on social relationships due to technology use. This site asked the same question, with 60% saying yes it does make us antisocial. It also includes comments of peoples’ opinions which is interesting to read both sides of the argument. Lastly, this article provides tips on how to withhold from using technology while out with friends to avoid being anti-social.

I’ll leave it there for now.

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