Onwards and upwards!

So with assignment one finished I moved onto this week’s learning path and it dives straight into assignment two! I am feeling quite overwhelmed. But in saying that this course is very good at pacing us. In assignment two we are to design a 3-5 week unit plan which incorporates ICT and write a 500 word justification essay. Here is a list of everything we should be doing this week in terms of assignment two:

– Choose curriculum to use: I have chosen The Australian Curriculum

– Choose a learning area and year level (it was recommended to choose a weak area): I think (this may change) I will do Mathematics in a higher primary level- maybe year 5 or 6.

– Choose two content descriptors (one that demonstrates Constructing Knowledge & one that demonstrates Transforming knowledge) from that learning area: This is coming along…. still choosing year level.

– Think about the scope i.e. what students will learn about at the beginning of the unit and what students will know by the end of the unit.

– Come up with a unit topic based on the two content descriptors chosen.

It goes onto Stage 2 of the assignment template but I think I will save that planning for next week.

Signing off,



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