Two types of knowledge/ student learning

So I learnt about Constructing and Transforming knowledge today and thought how come I didn’t know about this earlier! This would have been helpful to plan lesson plans.

Constructing (AKA declarative) knowledge is all about what we want students to know and understand basically the facts + concepts + procedures…. think of Bloom’s taxonomy’s first two stages: Remembering and Understanding….

For example: I like to think of it as learning a language as I am studying Japanese… I know how Japanese sentences are constructed, I know a lot of vocabulary and a lot of grammar BUT none of that is any good if I do not have Transforming knowledge (AKA procedural knowledge).

Transforming knowledge is about what we want students to be able to do when they apply and transform their knowledge… think Bloom’s taxonomy’s stages of Applying and Creating.

For example: Although I know a lot Japanese it is no good if I don’t know how to use it and cannot speak clearly and fluently. That’s where I need transforming knowledge.

In case you need a refresher on Bloom’s taxonomy here is a picture:


Here is a great article with more examples and a great explanation about the two different types of knowledge.


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