How social media has changed plane accidents


In light of the recent Germanwings airline crash, airplane crashes have become a hot topic within my social circle particularly because my husband is an A320 pilot. The reaction to the accident has brought about new laws in the aviation industry: There must always be two crew in the cockpit at all times. However, the other night while having dinner at another pilot’s house, the question “Why only now?” was brought up. Why are they bringing these new laws in only now when similar incidents have happened in the past in airplanes, sometimes even when there were three in the cockpit at the time? Our only conclusion was that social media and the internet allows these incidents to be exposed to such a large extent that people are becoming overly scared about flying and thus airlines must take action to appease the public. And of course public safety is and should be a number one concern but the truth is (coming directly from all the pilot’s I have spoken to about this) “if one of the pilots or crew really want to bring the plane down having one extra person in the cockpit isn’t going to stop them, there are ways they can ensure the other person doesn’t stop them”.

The internet and social media allows us to have access to so many different perspectives on the issue it can easily scare the most ruthless person. Even the airlines themselves have trouble keeping the record straight because with social media the news travels so fast and becomes so blurred before the airline has time to give their story.

I am not saying social media is a negative thing to the aviation industry because perhaps these changes will prevent future accidents. I just find it interesting that these changes are being made now despite similar past incidents.

Would love to hear other peoples opinions.

Signing off,



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