Dog wagging tail or tail wagging dog?

When I stumbled across the expression the tail wagging the dog in this week’s learning path I immediately loved it because I love dogs and anything dog related. But turns out if the tail is wagging the dog (seriously, stop and visualise that for a sec… Cue laughter) it is not a good thing especially when it comes to technology and education. You don’t want technology controlling your lesson plan but instead you want it facilitating it. ICT should be used to enhance learning not to be used just because it is there when it may not have any educational benefit to what is being taught. That would be like me grabbing a few pots and pans out to make dinner without knowing what I am cooking yet. If you are a visual learner, this picture might give you a better idea on the tail wagging the dog:


Check out this blog post  a previous student wrote to get a better idea on what it means for the tail wagging the dog. Also, Jessica over here writes a fantastic blog post about this tail wagging dog business.

Signing off,



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