What, no Facebook? How will I survive?


These were the words I jokingly said to my husband just before I left for China on Sunday. I just returned from a short trip there. It was my first time in China (besides Hong Kong which has different laws). I knew I would not have access to Facebook and Instagram. To be honest it was actually quite refreshing not to have access to them because I wasn’t as glued to my phone. However I wasn’t prepared to not have access to Google or YouTube! It felt weird to say “I’ll just Yahoo it”- I mean who says that?! I didn’t realise how much I Google pretty much everything until the moment I no longer had access to it, Yahoo search just doesn’t cut it. I felt a bit disconnected from the world, but sometimes disconnecting isn’t such a bad thing.

If you are interested here is an article about why China doesn’t allow access to these sites. What do you think?

Now here’s a question: Do you think you could live without Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google and Youtube?

Signing off,



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