Assignment progress

So just a little progress report on assignment 2. I’ve just competed the unit plan template (yay!!) I’ve been slogging away on this for two weeks, making little progress each day. I’m hoping it makes sense and hopefully I’ve used learning experiences that transform SLIC.

Now I just have to do the justification…. Which I think is going to be a lot harder than I originally thought. Fingers crossed I can get it completed in a few days.

Ah I didn’t even mention how far behind I am in my learning path, but I’ll get there… One of my favorite sayings and what I constantly repeat to myself is: slowly but surely. My mum always says this… Basically the process might be slow but eventually you will surely get there.

So for all those still slogging away at the unit plan good luck and remember you will get there soon!!

Signing off,


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