Starting my Professional Experience list

So from advice from this week’s learning path I have created a list of things to do before professional experience using Trello (which is a great list making site). I thought I would share my list so far on here:

  • Print out EDC3100 ICT statement feedback form
  • Print out required pages of prac booklet that provide detail of course
  • Print out a bunch of end of lesson feedback forms
  • Print out PT Interim report
  • Print out professional experience report
  • Print out referee statement
  • Print out some observation lists
  • When emailing mentor ask about class demographic- are there any students that have an educational disadvantage? is there any preplanning you would like for me to do?, what kind of ICTs are available in the classroom?. Ask about any behaviour management system they currently have in place. would they like me to use their system or would they like me to introduce my own?
  • Buy a folder to put resources in

That’s it for now. I’ll continue to add more when I think of things.

Signing off,



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