TIP model to help plan ICT-rich lessons

In preparation for Part B of Asssignment 3, this week’s learning path had us questioning how we plan lessons. What are our thought processes? And how do we put them into action? I started a list on Microsoft word of all the ways that help me plan lessons which includes:

  • Universal Backwards design: Decide on the learning objectives and assessment first and then plan the learning experiences to work towards that goal.
  • Australian curriculum learning objectives- check links to scootle- see what resources Scootle has on the same topic- see if I can get any ideas from there.
  • What resources does the class/school have available for the lesson? If I have access to C2C what ideas can I get from there? How can I transform students learning with ICTs and not just use them to replace old methods?
  • What are the students interests? Can I incorporate their interests into the lesson? What is their prior knowledge on the topic? What questions can I ask to grasp their prior knowledge?
  • What backup plan do I have if something finishes quicker than expected or doesn’t work?
  • How can I take the lesson from explicit learning to a more constructivist lesson (learning by doing)?
  • Have I ever done a lesson similar to this before? What worked or didn’t work?

Then after this we were given extra tips and links to sites so I started adding those to my list on Microsoft word and now my list is 6 pages long and still growing!

So this is all helpful for planning all lessons but with this course we need to integrate ICT into our lessons and that is where the TIP (Technology Integration Planning) model comes in. See the picture below to get a better idea. The TIP model has five phases and will be very helpful while lesson planning on Prac.

TIP model

Integrating technology into our lessons means we have more to think about in terms of what resources are available and how to effectively integrate them without any technological issues. A previous EDC3100 made an ICT troubleshooting list which you can find here and I can see it is going to be very helpful on Prac. Good luck!

Signing off,



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