So I just completed four modules from the CyberSmart website. The Connect.ed program aims to teach teachers about the importance of cybersafety within schools and how important it is to teach students about cybersafety.

I found the modules to be very informative with great tips on how to prevent negative cyber behaviour such as cyber-bullying with a whole school approach and effective policies and procedures. I was particularly surprised during the simulations in module 1 and 2 which had me pretend to be a teenager with a social networking account and the constant onslaught of peer pressure and bullying that can occur because of the immediacy of the internet. Although these behaviours can occur with or without technology, technology certainly makes it easier for harassers to bully and pressure people. Without the correct education in what to do in these occurrences students may choose the wrong approach and therefore teachers need to be aware of this type of behaviour to identify it and take action when necessary.

After finishing my course I received a certificate which will be great to add to my teaching portfolio. I was also happy to discover the resources and lesson plan page which I am sure will come in handy during Professional Experience.

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