What does your digital footprint look like?


Before even starting this course, I would sometimes Google my name… not because I’m so into myself I have to see what’s out there about me but because I want to make sure that there isn’t anything out there that I do not know about and could be portrayed negatively (Turns out there is a NBC TV presenter with my name so most of the information is about her!). By ‘out there’ I’m referring to the internet (or World Wide Web), where everyone who knows your name can find out information about you if you have ever put it out there before. Everything you put on the internet contributes to your digital footprint.

Like Amy I have tried to minimize my digital footprint in the last few years. Mainly because I am on my way to becoming a teacher and I don’t want anything that will reflect poorly on my character to be out there for any of my students or colleagues to find. Unlike this U.S. teacher who thought it was okay to post almost nude photos of herself on the internet, I would prefer my life to remain private.

Because I’ve kept my life relatively private over the years I think that is why Take This Lollipop didn’t reveal anything about me (that or it just didn’t work). If you are curious about your digital footprint you can try taking the lollipop yourself here.

Signing off,



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