I’ll be packing my TPACK, how about you?

Well it seems we didn’t have enough acronyms already with TK, CK, PK, TCK, TPK, and PCK… we had to add one more, Introducing TPACK: Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge. This is basically a combination of “what is being learned, how it can be taught and the tools you have available to teach it”

If you have all this knowledge working together and working together well then you have a very sure chance of amplifying and transforming learning. However it is all dependent on the context i.e. the environment, resources available and the people involved. Like this diagram shows the context matters and the interweaving of all the knowledges are needed to  have a truly effective TPACK:


Confused? Yeah I was a little too. Check out this video which explains a little more… however if you are more of a reader I found this great article (although a tad long- 11pages) which not only explains TPACK and its implications to teaching but also gives a great description of all those other acronyms I mentioned! Want to read something a little shorter? Click here to go to a one page site on TPACK. But if you really want to know everything, and I mean everything there is to know about TPACK go to tpack.org.

Signing off,



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