Week 1 Professional Experience Reflection

Well I just finished week one…. kind of. I am doing my placement in Hervey Bay and tomorrow is a public holiday here so therefore I will be making one day of my placement up at the end of the three weeks. So far it has been great. My mentor is lovely and very helpful. In this post I am going to give a brief run down of my class, school and ICTs.

School context: The school is located in Hervey Bay and was established in 1937 and caters to a K-6 population of 560 students. The school places a strong emphasis on Indigenous values to cater to the large number of Indigenous students. The area around the school is classed as low to medium socio economic with a large aging population and many single parent households.

Class context: The prep class is one of three and consists of 19 students aged 5-6, with 12 boys and 7 girls. There are three Indigenous students, one student with a speech impediment, one English as a Second Language [ESL] Indian student who needs very explicit instructions and is often very fidgety, and one student who has behavior issues and throws tantrums when he doesn’t get his own way. Adjustments in lessons need to made particularly for the student with behavior issues and the ESL student.

ICTs in the classroom and school: The classroom has an Interactive Whiteboard (Starboard), two desktop computers and the teacher has 2 iPads for classroom use, all with internet access. The internet can be slow so it takes some time for webpages to load and therefore planning is required so students are not sat for long periods of a time waiting. There are also more iPads available on request stored at the office. The students have basic touch screen skills such as moving objects with their finger or the stylist pen. At times, a pointer is needed for some students to reach the top of the IWB screen.

So that’s my reflection for week 1 and hopefully recording this information will help with Part B of Assignment 3.

Ready for another 2 weeks…. and 1 day 😛

Signing off,



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