Week 2 Professional Experience Reflection

Well it is the end of week 2 and while others, like Rebel who is down with a head cold, may be feeling a bit worn out, I am feeling quite good and excited for next week. This has to be the best time I have had on a placement. Although the students in my class have a few challenging behaviours, my mentor and the other teachers have been very helpful and friendly. My behaviour management skills are improving immensely and I have been given many opportunities to take the class for learning experiences, full sessions, and small groups in rotations. I have tried my best to incorporate ICTs into my lessons which has mainly included using the IWB. However, on Friday I used the iPads in rotations and the students loved them. I had them play Edukitty Preschool and Abby’s Monkey. The content in the games related to what they are learning in class so the games helped to reinforce the concepts. I was surprised to see even the most misbehaved student fully engaged in the iPad and truly felt like his behaviour was better on Friday because of his time spent on the iPad. My mentor never brings the iPads into the classroom and after seeing the children so engaged she decided she would like to incorporate the use of them more. Her ICT skills are also a little limited so I showed her a few basics. I am happy I am able to teach her something as she is teaching me so much. She has provided me with great feedback such as:

  • Well planned lessons, relating to learning objectives
  • Good questioning techniques but avoid too many open questions which cause students to yell out- instead say “put your hand up if…”
  • Great implementation of Gradual Release Model- I do, we do, you do.
  • Well aware of when students need a movement break
  • Set rules for transition periods
  • Follow through with warnings.

This weekend will involve catching up on assignment work and planning lessons for next week. I am doing a full day on Wednesday. Wish me luck!

Signing off,



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