Whole day reflection

Well, last Wednesday I taught for the whole day and it went well. However, I felt a little flustered running around preparing and getting everything done and was definitely left exhausted. The relief teacher was very helpful and gave me some very useful feedback. At the very start of the day when I was marking the role some of the students were being a bit disrespectful by answering ‘Good morning Mrs Wood’ (their classroom teacher) instead of my real name. But the relief teacher sternly told them that they were being disrespectful and need to say it properly or their name would be put on yellow. That soon set the tone for them.

The best advice she gave me was to try and use a non-verbal cue to gain student’s attention instead of clapping or shouting over the top of them. After she gave me this advice I did some research and found some very helpful information about non verbal classroom management strategies here and here. On Friday I tried to use placing my hands on my heads to get student’s attention and found it quite successful. Once one or two students catch on the rest follow.

I used to hate getting feedback because I would focus on what I was doing wrong but I’ve come to learn that feedback is what makes you better.

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