Professional Experience Reflection

I finish my placement on Tuesday and it was a very bittersweet day. I have had the best time on this placement and realized how much I love the younger students. I have organized for my return placement for EDP3333 in semester 2 in Year one at the same school and I am looking forward to going back and seeing the Prep students I just left.

I think the biggest thing I learned on this placement was how to self-reflect on my lessons and overall performance and also take constructive feedback and reflect on it. I used to find it very hard to take on feedback and used to feel like I was being criticized but I have learned how important it is to reflect. I did some further research into reflective teaching and found this web page. On my next placement I am going to take on some of the recommendations from this web page, particularly keeping a reflective diary. I made notes while on this placement but failed to keep a thorough reflective diary due to time restraints.

So now I have flown back to Singapore, unpacked and I have Part B and D to complete of the assignment before the 19th. Wish me luck!

Signing off,



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