Why are ICTs important?

On this page I am going to post links to relevant articles that explain why using ICT in education is important. I will try to summarize each article as best as possible. If you know of any articles that you think are relevant please comment with the link below.

ICT trends in Education (White, 2008) : This article discusses the ICT trends in education with particular focus on social networking and collaboration ICTs and provides an insight into the “Digital Education Revolution”. It contains links to literature, particularly the Melbourne Declaration on Educational goals for Young Australians, that provide evidence for why ICT is important in education.

ClassDojo for Behaviour Management: This is a news article about the benefits of using ClassDojo for behaviour management in the classroom. It contains examples from two classrooms. ClassDojo is an online program that teachers can use to reward students with points for good behaviour. It can be accessed from home so parents can see how their children are behaving in class. While this is a great blog post about a teacher implementing ClassDojo into the classroom and her positives and negative experiences with it.

School_Connections_ ACER_PiL_Report This is a PDF document from New South Wales Learning School Project and provides good information on using ICT to engage students in learning.

engaging students through ICT Here is another PDF that provides some ICT examples in real schools regarding why ICT is important to help engage students in their learning.

ICT, Learning and Primary Mathematics by John Ralston : This article talks about how ICT can transform Mathematics education. It list active participation; frequent feedback; and opportunities for collaboration as benefits of ICT in the classroom.

Ipads and primary mathematics: This article talks about using iPads to transform education and provides tips on how to do so.


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